Importance of good workforce

A good workforce is an integral part of strategic planning since it ensures that the profits of a company could be maintained. If a firm manages to keep good talent in their departments, then the productivity and creativity of an organization could be maintained. This could help in improving the sustainability of a company. However, it is possible that employees leave their companies. In order to abstain them from leaving, it is necessary to understand and analyze the most common reasons for leaving.


No flexibility

The first and foremost reason good employees leave a company is that they are overworked. It is due to this reason that about 2 million Americans leave their job every month.

No bonuses or compensations

If an employee works hard, the least he would expect is some bonus from the manager in recognition for his performance. Instead, they are just handed over some more work to complete. This demotivates them so much that they chose to leave. The performance appraisals also lack in providing them the necessary motivation for their work.

Lack of empathy

Most of the employees who leave their jobs do so due to lack of empathy shown by management. It should be understood very clearly that they are humans, not machines. Therefore, employers need to take notice of their way of living and, at least, offer to bring some improvement in it.

Lack of vision

Despite the most popular notion that money could buy everything, it certainly could not buy motivation of an employee. All of the employees who are best in their respective fields hold an emotional attachment with their workplace which goes down the drain if there is no vision. The employees feel demotivated due to lack of direction and encouragement. The concept of Disney theme park is successful since its creator had a clear vision due to which it was a financial success. Therefore, vision is the most integral part of an employee’s life.

Strict environment

Well, believe it or not, this is also a very important reason due to which employees leave their workplace. If they are forced to work while sitting behind their desks all the time they would eventually get bored and lose their creativity. Some strictness is good but, as said, the excess of everything is bad.

Opportunities to excel

If the employees do not get chances to improve their skills and broaden their vision, they would eventually leave the job even if they are well paid. Best employees are usually creative people and learning is an integral part of their life, therefore, they feel empty without it. It is only due to this that about one-third of employees leave their job within one month of their recruitment.


The overall culture of a firm also plays a very important role in an employee’s life. If the culture is motivating for employees and cause them to sharpen their skills, they continue with their work otherwise leave for better opportunities.

Financial success

If employees are worried about the financial success of a company, they would prefer leaving it than wasting their precious time.