We all have an idea of “Usefulness”. How do we measure its relative reach, and impact is a constant challenge to all of us. We strive to get noticed. We use tools, techniques, technologies to achieve a corner in someone’s mind, heart, books, blogs, search engines, social posts, comments, products, and the like.

There are more than one facets to usefulness of what you create, how you present, and how it gets consumed. What we speak, and how we act are actually defined by the relative usefulness we instil in people whom we reach. A person living in some part of the world can just see your content, and forgets it the next second. Another person while seeing the same content, can start a revolution in your name. Its all relative. And you have to become knowledgable in how you make something which is useful to at-least one person, immensely.

We do a small case study on Digital Marketing. Especially those people who have been mentioning on their websites that how they made big bucks from their blogs. There are many, and I mean there are. Whether they are telling the truth or not is somewhat another matter. Are they telling something which you can use to your own benefit. I have seen some example where people have benefitted from them to the extant that they themselves have become Moguls. And there are who say, how stupid of them making people dream of something that is intangible from their blog posts.

Content creation is a passionate affair of the heart and mind, and it should not be taken in vein. I love it when Google works continuously on its algorithm to make sure the right content reaches to the surface.  And it is important that we have more portals from where we can know about trending topics, but remember they won’t benefit you unless you follow whats the right way to use them.

I won’t be covering bad examples here, although it would be great. The reason is that I can’t expose people, who actually can change the next minute as well. I can share guidelines on how to be watchful.

Lets see those who are actually highly useful.

Few Good Examples:

Rand Fishkin, known as Wizard of Moz, is one of the best influencers in digital marketing realm. He writes on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) auditing, SEO strategy, value creation through reach, audience awareness, and many other remarkable topics. When he writes, the person comes to know that somebody is talking from experience or somebody who actually knows somebody who has wisdom. If you want to make money, make sure you look at his blog posts.

Neil Patel is the guy who made KISSMetrics, Crazy Egg, and Quick Sprout. He writes about analytics, and how you can make use of them. I myself see analytics on a daily basis, and some of my bookish knowledge didn’t help. When I read some of his content, I revamped my thinking. This helped me a lot. You will see multiple examples in the wild as well. I have seen many people sending him private messages on facebook, asking for help on how to do the marketing the right way. And he actually interfaces with his audience in a meaningful way, and influences them.

Larry Kim is known to be a person who can actually help you in beaming your efforts to actually make mega-dollars through Pay Per Click (PPC). He is also the founder of Wordstream. He is the author of four awesome and remarkable books on programming (which developers love). I would recommend that you read his blogposts on internet marketings as well before starting your journey with Adwords, and Facebook Ads, which are his keen interests. I like this guy because I am a programmer as well, who is evolving in someone else in himself. It is important that you relate to people in meaningful way. And that is why he is a good influencer to look for.


Harsh Agarwal is a blog scientist who give advice on how to make money online. His quality is that he experiments with content, get useful insights, makes money from them, and share his experiences with the world. I have seen many example of how people have actually listened to him, and actually made some tangible money for themselves. The good thing about Harsh, is that his advice instils the expectation of having content creation that is useful, meaningful, shareable, relatable, and augmentable. He has written about how to make money from Google Adsense but he insists that it is not easy. He clearly embeds his thoughts on how important it is to know your audience, and how important it is to create content that engages. This is the sort of person the industry needs, who should be writing these sorts of enticing articles to make money.

These days I have seen many people focusing on data driven marketing. It is certainly helpful to do so. And if you want to achieve usefulness at a mass scale, you need to start investing in understanding what you are producing, and how people are consuming it. Spend some resources in people and processes which will help you understand your audience. Don’t take people opinions for granted, make sure they are backed by facts. These days facts can also come from algorithms, so make use of them intelligently.

You know your audience is not only in the world out there, it is even in your home. Your family might be your audience. They live with you, they know you. So engage in discussions as well. This will help you understand and acknowledge your efforts yourself as well. Seeing something/someone materialised in the shape of a person sitting next to your sofa, telling you how thoughtful and useful your content/product is, might be really remarkably important and useful.

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