2 February, 2017

How Blockchains Cover Diverse Markets And Preserve Values

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Blockchain Bockchain is essentially a database. This database is distributed. It contains records called blocks. The organization of blocks in the blockchain database are ordered. Each block contains a timestamp. [...]

17 January, 2017

How To Write An Impressive And All Inclusive Business Plan

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A business plan is a roadmap that describes how a business is going to achieve its objectives and goals. Business plans are usually a written plan from financial, marketing and operational viewpoint.

13 January, 2017

Java Programming Language – A Short History

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Ever wondered why Java is so important? The answer to this is that Java has completely revolutionized the technology industry. From the inevitable smartphones, tablets, laptops, to other handheld gadgets like game consoles etc, and of course the e-business, everything has Java at the back playing the pivotal role. Below is short history giving a peek in the evolution of Java.

10 January, 2017

The Rise And Rise Of E-Shopping – Enablement and Push

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Who doesn’t love shopping? Everyone does. It just that sometimes we don’t need things, sometimes we can’t afford things, and sometimes we don’t want to move out and spend time [...]