8 Years of Barack Obama as President

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Barack Obama, a name everyone is well aware of, took the office as president in 2008 after defeating Senator John McCain and thus becoming the 44th President of the United States of America. Throughout his campaign, he brought forward the idea of ‘’Hope’’ and was intended to bring unity among the people of his nation. [...]

Facts About Stephen Hawking on his 75th BIRTHDAY

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Stephen Hawking once said to a few reporters during his interview that losing one’s ability in one aspect enables a man to excel oneself in other aspects. By now the whole world knows this man as the famous ‘’theoretical physicist’’. Stephen Hawking was born on January the 8th, 1942. Though he was a mediocre student [...]

Java Programming Language – A Short History

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Ever wondered why Java is so important? The answer to this is that Java has completely revolutionized the technology industry. From the inevitable smartphones, tablets, laptops, to other handheld gadgets like game consoles etc, and of course the e-business, everything has Java at the back playing the pivotal role. Below is short history giving a peek in the evolution of Java.

How to Write an Article on Technology

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Writing impressive articles concerning technology is an arduous task, however, with practice you learn to write better. The key to writing impactful articles is consistency. With the ever-changing nature of technology, interests of people are also changing and it becomes quite challenging to stand out of the crowd. If you are planning to make your [...]

How to Start Learning Computer Programming?

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Are you intrigued at the thought of commanding your computer? Want to be creative while still using a computer? Looking for broadening the career opportunities? Interested in learning something new? Whatever, the reason be you have curious little programmer hiding within you, waiting to be discovered. This year spend some time and give computer programming [...]

The Rise And Rise Of E-Shopping – Enablement and Push

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Who doesn’t love shopping? Everyone does. It just that sometimes we don’t need things, sometimes we can’t afford things, and sometimes we don’t want to move out and spend time on shopping. With regards to time to shop, a good time management with shopping requires lots of effort. In a world where everyone is in a [...]

5 Biggest Events of 2016

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Some of the major events which attracted millions of people worldwide were mostly public events. Some of the events which featured massive public gatherings as listed as following. Summer Olympics, Rio De Janerio, Brazil   Games of the 31st Olympiad commonly known as Summer Olympics 2016 were held in Rio. It was a huge multi-sports [...]

5 Historic Moments in Medicine

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The use of medicine for curing various diseases dates back to 33oo BC, when people living in stone age started using herbs as medicines. As the time passed people started attaining more and more knowledge about medicines and their use. Imhotep was the first person in this regard and was known as “Egyptian God of [...]

Life of Ada Lovelace- An Inspiration For Women

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The delicacy is always associated with the women. Most of the times, intelligence, sharpness and calculative thinking is always linked with men and not women. Like most of the people, if you think that no woman can be good enough in science, technology, engineering, and math, then “Ada Lovelace” should be your next Google search [...]