Engagement, Marketing, Influence, Usefulness & Art of Reach

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We all have an idea of "Usefulness". How do we measure its relative reach, and impact is a constant challenge to all of us. We strive to get noticed. We use tools, techniques, technologies to achieve a corner in someone's mind, heart, books, blogs, search engines, social posts, comments, products, and the like. There are more [...]

Five Most Expensive Private Jets In The World

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The airplane is one of the most convenient and fastest mode of traveling nowadays. The billionaires’ club can’t travel by the rest of the world for which they have started a more privileged air travel experience. Personal jet is the term used for the privately owned customized and luxury airplanes which are no less than [...]

Top 5 sources that offer free online courses

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Many renowned universities nowadays are providing online educational content at no cost, however, you ought to know the major difference between the types of content available online. Online educational content has two forms 1. The OpenCourseWare 2. MOOCs (Massively open online courses). When it comes to education online learning strategies involving MOOCs and open courseware [...]

Digital Marketing-Competitors Of Google AdSense

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Digital market is a new way to trade goods by making them famous among people using modern marketing tools such as web linked advertisements. Google AdSense is a powerful marketing tool which is designed for online publishers with followers on their websites/blogs. They can earn money through advertisements linked to their blog whenever any viewer [...]

Top 10 Property Websites In The US

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Buying and selling properties is a challenging task to do especially when you have a hectic daily routine where you can manually go and check properties by yourself. If you have planned to buy or sell a property, your time may not cooperate with you for that. Technology has provided various solutions to us by [...]

Prosthetic- A New Life

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Losing a limb and continuing the life as it is a very challenging task in anyone’s life. Not only is it hard for the person but also for his family, friends, and even the health service provider to tackle with it. Losing limb leaves the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual effect on the life of [...]

7 Handpicked Technology Startups

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The business ideas can be generated anytime anywhere by anyone. The new ventures in business are called startups which are characterized by the nature of their work. The year of 2016 proved to be a remarkable phase for the technology to be reach another level of peek. Many low-budget small startups showed the world that [...]