Top 5 Crowd-Funding Websites

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The selection of a right crowd funding website increases the chances of your success. It also makes sure that your project gets more than expected viewers which are necessary to promote it. There are certain parameters which are to be considered for selecting a website especially when your project has a cause. Generally, it is difficult [...]

New & Exciting Job Roles For Tech Industry

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Over the past 5 years technology industry has changed tremendously. New job roles have been created, which were not envisioned before. Instead of job roles converging and getting narrow, many industries are experimenting with interdisciplinary kind of roles. New technology, new paradigms, new strategies, and new new-comers are the enablers of this shift. It is [...]

Five Stunning Startups in 3D Printing Industry

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In 1938 the first ever message written through a photocopied page was “10-22-38 Astoria”. It was followed by the way modern, Xerox machine after 50 years which revolutionised the document copy system. With the development of more advanced copying machines, the business industry grew up at a higher rate. The duplication of the document was [...]