Engagement, Marketing, Influence, Usefulness & Art of Reach

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We all have an idea of "Usefulness". How do we measure its relative reach, and impact is a constant challenge to all of us. We strive to get noticed. We use tools, techniques, technologies to achieve a corner in someone's mind, heart, books, blogs, search engines, social posts, comments, products, and the like. There are more [...]

Future of Education: Skill-Based Learning and Mastering it!

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Learning is a process of understanding. The spectrum of this knowledge-based understanding is from our surrounding to the study of the universe. This is a hugely debatable topic to decide which education method is the best for our children. Some people believe that a typical school system with lecture-based learning is the best whereas others [...]

Top 5 sources that offer free online courses

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Many renowned universities nowadays are providing online educational content at no cost, however, you ought to know the major difference between the types of content available online. Online educational content has two forms 1. The OpenCourseWare 2. MOOCs (Massively open online courses). When it comes to education online learning strategies involving MOOCs and open courseware [...]

The 10 best George Michael Songs

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George Michael is one of the finest musicians and songwriters which have made a history. The English musician gained fame even from his initial music. His single hits made him popular singer which sold more than hundred million copies. The solo album “Faith” alone made history by selling more than twenty million copies which made [...]

New & Exciting Job Roles For Tech Industry

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Over the past 5 years technology industry has changed tremendously. New job roles have been created, which were not envisioned before. Instead of job roles converging and getting narrow, many industries are experimenting with interdisciplinary kind of roles. New technology, new paradigms, new strategies, and new new-comers are the enablers of this shift. It is [...]