Biggest Hollywood Hits of 2016

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The year 2016 became a worth waiting for all the movie lovers worldwide. It produced some of the best-produced movies. From drama to Sci-Fi to animated series, 2016 experienced all the genres which satisfied entertainment fanatics of every age and region. This review tells five best movies of the year which should not be missed [...]

Five Best Songs Of 2016

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The year 2017 has just started, but it has not faded the magic which 2016 created on us by music. For the music industry, the year 2016 was very happening since many leading singers released their singles in this year. Over 100 songs switched positions on the highest played songs lists and various online music [...]

The 10 best George Michael Songs

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George Michael is one of the finest musicians and songwriters which have made a history. The English musician gained fame even from his initial music. His single hits made him popular singer which sold more than hundred million copies. The solo album “Faith” alone made history by selling more than twenty million copies which made [...]

Top 10 Movie Roles Of Carrie Fisher

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Carrie Fisher is an actress with multiple remarkable roles to remember. The real princess of hearts, actress, author, scriptwriter and an inspirational figure Carrie Fisher departed her ways recently from the world after 60 years of life. She will always be remembered as one of the finest actresses of a screen. Fisher’s talents were not [...]

Top 5 Reality Shows By Popularity

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Reality show is a new genre of television programs which has become trending lately. It is claimed to have unscripted real life experiences and situations which are shown on screen as recorded with no cut or censor.The participants may be common people but celebrities as a part of any reality show are considered to be more [...]