Future of Education: Skill-Based Learning and Mastering it!

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Learning is a process of understanding. The spectrum of this knowledge-based understanding is from our surrounding to the study of the universe. This is a hugely debatable topic to decide which education method is the best for our children. Some people believe that a typical school system with lecture-based learning is the best whereas others [...]

A Review Of Top 5 Autonomous Cars

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The past decade showed remarkable success in modified vehicles with advanced technology.  The most striking invention of these years is autonomous cars. Initially started as a fun project, the advancements were accelerated when leading car companies like BMW, Audi, Ford, Tesla, and others joined it. Autonomous cars mean self-driven cars . Autonomous cars are not the latest [...]

Top 10 Flight Search Engines

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Air travel is a need more than just fun. Finding the best airfare deal requires continuous effort to track ticket booking agents and travel companies which are sometimes a complete waste of money. The online approach to flight information and cheap air tickets has eased this problem of flight inquiries. Sometimes you have to book [...]

Augmented Reality- The New Reality

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Augmented reality commonly abbreviated as “AR” is an advanced technology which gathers computer generated enhancements into a pre-existing reality to make it more meaningful and defined. Augmented reality is an enhanced view of a physical and real world environment which is added with virtual elements augmented by a computer linked sensory elements e.g. sound, graphics, [...]

Nanotechnology- The Way Forward

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Nanotechnology is the latest development in technology which is majorly used in science and engineering. As the name indicates, it is operated and controlled at the nano-scale which ranges from  1 to 100 nanometers. The concept of nanotechnology was first discussed at a scientific conference by American Physical Society meeting at California Institute of Technology [...]

Digital Marketing-Competitors Of Google AdSense

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Digital market is a new way to trade goods by making them famous among people using modern marketing tools such as web linked advertisements. Google AdSense is a powerful marketing tool which is designed for online publishers with followers on their websites/blogs. They can earn money through advertisements linked to their blog whenever any viewer [...]

Prosthetic- A New Life

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Losing a limb and continuing the life as it is a very challenging task in anyone’s life. Not only is it hard for the person but also for his family, friends, and even the health service provider to tackle with it. Losing limb leaves the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual effect on the life of [...]

How to install Docker on Ubuntu Flavour Linux

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So what is Docker? With Docker, you can provide a secure setup in which each component of your application can securely run independent of other integration parts. You can run each application in a different container, and expose its services to other applications which might be running in other containers. This tutorial will teach you [...]