Napoleon said that when China wakes up, it will shake the world. It seems like the prediction is going to be true. America has ruled the world for decades but now the other emerging powers are getting ready to take over and steal the title. From quite some time, the US is getting worried about a threatening collaboration of Russia and China which is supposed to be a powerful strategy against their common enemy. 

For decades, the world was overtaken and ruled by the US economy which was stronger and 3 times bigger than China’s  economy. Now, it seems like the time is not in favor of America but China, as its economic power is getting stronger and bigger than U.S and is likely to beat and reserve the US economy very soon.

Alongside China, the other biggest enemy to take care of is Russia and now both are onboard to take down the US. Although Russia and China were not in favor of any of the decisions regarding other nations made by the US but now this matter is getting hot. China is highly against the interference of US troops in the North Korea as well as  Russia is not happy with the use of military force by the US in Syria. That’s why, both the powers are working together to support one another in their relative matters against their common enemy. Russia and China have used the veto power in the UN much more frequently than the previous. According to china, every nation has the right to choose for their own and that’s what the Chinese foreign minister “Wang Yi” stated in the press regarding the military actions and US strike on Syria. It was not only a violation of sovereign nation’s territorial integrity but also was a cruel killing of innocent civilians as the missile response ordered by Trump killed more than 9 civilians including children. That’s is just a glimpse as under Trump’s Government US military has allegedly killed more than 1000 innocent civilians in March 2017 in Syria and Iraq. 

Another threat which has made the Beijing-Moscow political equivalence more important is the recent war threat by the US to North Korea. America has sent its troops and fleet of warships in the North Korean peninsula due to which Russia and China are concerned enough as the tensions mount on both sides. Both are ready to chase the US in the waters of the Korean peninsula. Reports have been confirmed that Russia has moved armed vehicles, troops, and helicopters along with deadly S400 anti-aircraft missile system to its border at Vladivostok.

Following this action, China is ready to help Russia in war preparations. China has also deployed 150,000 troops along its North Korean border to potentially gave a strong message to the US. The rash strategies of Trump have given its enemies the reason to set aside their differences and set up a mutually defensive posture, which is getting stronger day by day as now the CPEC has a new way forward for both.