The world has extraordinarily transitioned from the period of paper and ink towards the web and cell phones. In spite of this, customary reading of books, novels, magazines and so forth is still a significant aptitude. However reading is still a hobby and need for many individuals, it is not as much as they used to and this is because of an absence of appropriate reading aptitudes. It is imperative to figure out how to read legitimately and hold the data for long in your memory.


Any book comprises of three portions an introduction, main body and at last the conclusion or the end. In that capacity, one thinks that a proper way is to take a start from an intro and read till the end. A correct way of reading a book is, you ought to focus on its significance. There are two kinds of books one is non-fiction while the other type is fiction. While reading a non-fiction book to understand you have to peruse the content completely, however, consider just the significant focuses the writer is attempting to pass on. At the point when you are reading a fiction, read the book completely yet stop from time to time to consider characters and plot the progressions.

Since many a times, in a non-fiction context you won’t find table of contents, it is a good idea to read reviews as well. Since you are going to spend significant amount of your time on the book reading, it would be great to spend sometime reading some reviews. If its fresh out of the oven, then use mixed models of reading from this article. Some people do mention which books actually took their breath away, don’t wonder, read for yourself and you might know. 

Let’s see what holds you back from retaining the knowledge that you read. It is important that you remember some facts and interactions in the book, so that you can relate to them with other books, real life situations, or any event in future or past.

Reasons to be unsuccessful in retaining what we are reading:

  •    Cynicism – many individuals don’t hold what they read since they think little of their capacity to hold data.
  •    Understanding – You will forget in no time what you have read the reason is the lack of understanding if one does not give enough time in comprehending the data you are reading they will not be able to hold the data in their memory for a long time.
  •    Inability to audit – many individuals have a tendency to overlook what they have read on the off chance that they don’t experience it once more.  
  •    The absence of consideration and exertion – If you are latently reading a book and not sufficiently attentive it will be more troublesome for you to hold what you are reading.
  •    Obstruction – The reasons for failure in keeping data for extended are ecological diversions, tension, and even uneasiness. Gadgets these days, and the noise of constant intrusion of notifications is also one of the culprit. 
  • Not talking about it – Sometimes it is good to tell others what you have been reading. You might remember a lot of stuff if you can relate it to your friend, or a conference, or in another article, the next day or so.

Tips for proper reading

The accompanying tips on the most proficient method to appropriately read a book for long maintenance will be of remarkable help to any individual who needs to peruse, comprehend and recollect what they have read even for quite a while.

  •    Know your motivation, focus and be mindful

Each time you read a book, you ought to make the inquiry ‘why am I perusing this?‘ during reading focus on how that object is being satisfied and this will help you to keep focused and concentrate all your consideration on the applicable purposes of the content.

  •    First skim

While skimming, you put more accentuation on pictures, headings, tables, diagrams and the key passages and it helps you to retain data for longer. 

Also if there are table of contents in the book then first go through the whole. After reading each chapter, go through the table of contents again. This is important. The reason is the author is not only telling a story, but also telling it in a way, that way has to be clear in your mind as well, perhaps to some extent.

  •    Certainty

You must be exceptionally certain when perusing new ideas if you want to hold that data for longer. Regardless of the possibility that you struggle, to begin with, be hopeful and in case you require, don’t be shy to inquire. Ensure that you are casual and sufficiently agreeable and that you are in a surge.

It would be great if you write your own tips in the comments section. This will help make further conversation even more interesting and beneficial.

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