Everybody loves the idea of travel. Yes, even the ‘couch potatoes’ have a desire for travel. Money, in addition to many other reasons, is the biggest factor that keeps you stuck in a place your entire life. And sooner or later that desire is no longer there because you are so busy in earning a living for yourself and your family, that the thought of travel never crosses your mind. If traveling was ever free, many of us would have been the ‘Columbus’ of our dreams. But then there are always some pioneers who find a way out. Exactly by this, I mean organizations like Couchsurfing, Airbnb, Travelocity, etc that came forward to help you plan the journey ahead. Among these Couchsurfing and Airbnb are of special interest and here is why:

Couchsurfing since its inception changed the concept of traveling. Founded in 2003, it gathered those with the wanderlust from all over the globe. The idea was to provide the travelers with accommodation in different countries in exchange for cultural values, time and attention without spending a penny. Being a new concept, it attained a hype in a short period of time, the members doubled and tripled in the course of years. But with the increase in quantity, the level of quality dropped, the idea behind the project started fading, instances related to mistreatment, harassment, use of information for dating came to attention. After a huge rise, a decade ago, Couchsurfing has faced a downfall. It has a community of 10 million members but according to a survey only 1million log on each month, creating doubts regarding the travel opportunities it has to offer. Many former members who once loved it have lost trust.

Airbnb is an example of billion dollar projects that attained success in a span of a decade. Businesses like these who go to such hypes can turn to dust with the same speed but Airbnb has fortunately survived it through the years. With such tremendous growth statistics, predictions about its bright future can easily be made. Planning a vacation? Want some change? Tired of the usual routine, need a break to explore the world? Airbnb has the best accommodation options available at cheap prices suiting the needs and time frame of the travelers. It has provided a platform to the people so that they can monetize their extra space and create cultural ties with a stranger that end up becoming family. Airbnb has an enormous listing available to choose from, quality control is strict and the hosts offering their accommodations are verified this saves you from tons of anxiety you have when thinking of living at a new place. Chip Conley, the head of hospitality at Airbnb, reveals the plans considering the business expansion. In the near future, Airbnb is planning on moving to cities that previously had to access to it, moreover, apart from accommodation providing the customers with other services such as local tours, travel facilities is also on the list.