JK Rowling is back to the wizarding world making her debut in the screenplay. Fantastic beasts and where to find them has all the Potter fans going crazy. Since its release on November 18, 2016, the film has gathered a huge audience of potter lovers and those having a niche for fantasy movies.

    The movie starts with the display of dark forces causing disturbance and threat to the lives of the non-magical people( referred to as non-Majs rather than muggles, here is a little shift from the traditional potter jargon). The magical world faces a threat of exposure to the non-magical people. Air is quite tight on the American Magical Congress (MACUSA). Newt Scamander is the magi zoologist, an ambitious and soft-hearted young man who is on the mission of saving magical creatures and protecting them against the wrath and brutality of wizards. He comes to New York with the idea of jotting down his work experiences in the form of a book. His trip to New York is not a smooth one as he becomes accused of all the magical happenings in NY owing to his tiny little beasts that could blow the cover off the witches and wizards, however, the reality is otherwise. The film introduces the concept of ‘Obscurial’.

      The script and dialogues present the same magical taste of JK Rowling’s writings. This film is the first prequel to the series written as a collateral after the success of  Harry Potter Series. Though there is a quite difference in the storyline as it does not revolves around the all time favorite Harry, Hermione and Ron and their adventures. The story has been intricately woven and the director has done a seamless job depicting America of 1926, the direction is surely remarkable; extending the entire magical ambiance outside Hogwarts was an arduous task but David yates being the pro has nailed it.

Some fan-art has started to happen as well e.g.

        Although the artists have done their part very well but it has to be admitted that some of the lead characters are not strong rather the side roles are seen to be more bold and upholding.

        The entire film’s success is based on graphics and editing. However, there are loopholes in the editing at some places that make the movie appear flimsy and less close to reality. More effort should have been put to the editing.

       Albeit, the movie has been filmed with great effort but it’s quite evident that the magical fantasy, the rows of spells between the wizards, flying pixies, squirking mandrakes, the magical candies, the cauldrons, streets like Diagon Alley, fireplace portals using floo powders are truly missed by the Potter lovers. There has to be a greater aspect of magical reality in the movie rather than depicting it the way our real world is. Due to this emergence of the mate hungry rhinoceros in the Central Park, kleptomaniac duckbill platypus (the niffler) and other creatures look like less of a reality.

      The film is more about the side scenes and less about the magical creatures this goes a little opposite to the title.

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