Latex is one of the most advanced tools to work with and produce quality typesetting. It produces any kind of typeset information in any output format that is required for any output medium. On Ubuntu I would recommend the following way to install and then use:

I am using Ubuntu 16.04.1. Open up the terminal and type the following:

This will take some time to install.

Next you need an editor in which you will be writing your latex documents. I would suggest two way:

1- Using texmaker

You can easily install texmaker using

texmaker is quite complete and it has an intuitive UI. texmaker is full fledged IDE for latex.

2- Using vimtex

I highly recommend that you use vimtex. Vimtex is not like a full fledged IDE like texmaker but it allow modularity and flexibility. You can use other wide variety of plugins along with this as well. Vimtex is a vim plugin to work with latex. It is available at

I use apt-vim to install all my vim plugins. So here is how I will do to install the vimtex. If you don’t have apt-vim then you can install it using the following:

After running the above lines, you are now able to install any vim plugin using simple apt-vim command.

Here is how I will install vimtex using apt-vim:

Now that vimtex is installed. It is now time to create a document and open with vim. Read the docs for vimtex at