Concept behind artificial intelligence

The basic concept behind artificial intelligence is to bring forward such machines and robots which are able to think for themselves. Due to scientific advancements, now the scientists are trying to make such machines which are able to make their own decisions. These intelligent machines would be able to perceive their surroundings and then make logical decisions based on the input gathered.

Dumb robots?

Although robots are working in numerous fields of life, still most of them are being run on programs fed into them. They are unable to think and make decisions for themselves. Many of them are able to work better than humans in the operations sector, however, they somewhat lack in the section of creativity. Some of the recent robots may have expressed their ability to show creativity, enabled by AI and deep learning, and scientists are working on increasing this capability. There is constant rise of robotics in the last 8-10 years, and they have somehow taken the intelligent jobs from humans. 

Ultimate goal of research

Numerous scientists and researchers have been involved in this ongoing research for increasing machine learning. The basic goal behind this research is to some forward with such a machine which would not only work efficiently as compared to men, it could also think in a better manner. It has been argued that even most intelligent men would sometimes make irrational decisions based on their emotions. However, a robot has no emotions so it would only make clear cut decisions based on logic. Apart from that, such machines would not only perform the tasks in present, they would also be able to think and plan for future.

This could be extremely helpful while employing robots in different fields and allowing them to make future decisions as well. These robots would have adaptability to changing environment and would be able to go through a continuous learning process just like humans.

Limitations with this concept

Imagine a world being run by robots completely while humans just enjoy their life in discovering the world further. Sounds too good to be true? Well this is the main concept behind artificial intelligence programs. However, there are some limitations. The most apparent one is self-awareness. Many scientists have argued that it is impossible for machines to become self-aware. Their argument is based on philosophy rather than science since they believe that self-awareness is a philosophical phenomenon. It is not possible to make machines self-aware due to which it could adapt and solve problems on its own.

Currently, there are many robots and machines which could help out in resolving a problem if they are given some inputs as well as restrictions related to problem. However, if a machines is asked to gather input on their own and then make decisions, it is not possible at all. The main problem in this scenario is that our current knowledge related to decision making capabilities and adaptability of humans is limited. Until and unless this knowledge is complete, such robots could never be made successfully. Let us hope that scientists are able to widen their knowledge domain and come up with such robots which enable us to life more comfortable lives.

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