Who doesn’t love this guy?!! Many say he was a legend, he might be more than that (I heard some say in his lifetime too). He was a passionate believer in power of music and dance. His way to engage audience in the kind of music he produced is second to none. He recognised himself from the start, and pushed only in one direction, and the stardom came through. The kind of effort he went through is so immersive that all of us, no matter from where or who we are, can benefit from his life story.

As of now when I searched “Michael Jackson” on Google Search, I got 199M search results. There is plethora of media published on him, his videos are known to all. I wonder how many conversions on Facebook will be going on in his name. All this stardom came from a humble boy. Let’s dig his beginnings. Michael’s full name was Michael Joseph Jackson. He was born on August 19, 1958, and lived a life of 50 years full of wonder, surprise, stardom, music, color, and dance. 

Michael started his career in 1964 (at age 6) when he joined Jackson5 which included his four brothers. This group was formed by their father. To get the record deal for their sons, the father shifted from part-time to full time at a steel mill. You see, how important it is to recognise talent in your children, and then work hard to get that talent come to the surface. I wonder if he had not recognised this potential and had not started the Jackson5, we might not have a memory of King of Pop. I have seen many people in the street, who have immense talent but they can’t get exposure.

Anyhow all of my generation loved him when he was alive. Even the young generation loves him a lot if you watch the following video:

In 1966 (7 years old), Michael became the lead singer of Jackson5. This tells us, no matter what age you have, if you have an instrument of magic in your neck, it can do wonders, and make you a lead among all of your elders. In 1971, Michael went solo. He worked hard to become an icon, and inspiration. He had to break the barriers of racial discrimination, and the only tool that he had was an art of music.

Finally in 1980s, he did three ground breaking videos. These were Beat It, Billi Jeans, and Thriller in the 1982 album called Thriller. These three music pieces were so inspirational that they became tools to combat racial discrimination, and to promote any kind of message. These messages were so powerful that MTV, which was not much watched back then, became the top player channel in the music industry. Yes, exactly, MTV got a lot of fame from these videos. This means, if you recognise the talent and work in sync with what they produce, they contribute centuries worth of stardom for you. Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc have recognised it, and they invest so much in finding the right person for the right job plus give them freedom to the best thing that they are best at. This way many a times we see products which were basically small projects from individual employees.

Jackson lived the life to its fullest. Now after his dead, the inspiration continues. One more thing, you know Michael Jackson is the richest top-earning dead celebrity with yearly earnings of $825 Million in 2016. I wish we get another artist similar to him who can inspire the audience in the way he did.