Guiding the Users

The world is changing. A lot of products are being launched and its very important to understand and guide the users about the products they are using. This way the success rate of a product can be achieved effectively. The successful products influence market to a great extent. They affect company’s pre-sales and post-sales along with the conversion of trial users. Everybody wants their product to be successful and one can determine it by looking at the new customers coming onboard and the consistency with which the product is being delivered. was founded in 2013. In December of 2016, it got its series B financing as well. Its rate of growth is good. But it needs more integrations. aimed at a simple way to understand what truly drives product success, and how customer experience can be captured in a way which can provide actionable insight. It is trying its best to improve society’s experience with the software. Pendo makes sure to provide companies with the data to analyze customer usage. Also, it helps the professionals to have a better insight and thus understand the problems and struggle their users are facing and can guide them to solve their issues.


Pendo is not that commonly adopted till now. One of the reasons being its late entry into the field of business. Yet it is becoming popular among youngsters. Its advantages are far too many and this software can actually help one to improve his sales of the product. The best part is that it has no coding in it hence everyone can understand it once they get used to it.

According to their own official website, the ratings for Pendo is 3.9 out of 5.

Usage Examples

Many companies are using it already. A few being ‘’trendkit’’, ‘’invoca’’, ‘’FICO’’, ‘’Harvest’’, ‘’Neustar’’, ‘’Formal assembly’’, ‘’optimized’’ and many others. And it is no surprise that the list is increasing very rapidly. Also is safe to use.

Some people, though, believe it’s not for ‘’everyone’’. They think its quite intimidating when you first log in and you have absolutely no idea where to go and what to do. It takes them time to understand it and work through it but once they are able to do it it’s like ‘’digging out gold’’ from the ground. It can do a lot when it’s being used to its full potential. Also does not use HTTP secure so all communications are not encrypted.

Since its launch in 2013, is trying its best to make it more user-friendly so that it is much accessible. Along with that, it is adding new features every now and then and the sole purpose of them is to improve it itself and thus it can actually help its users in a much better way. Hence it has a long way ahead of it. But once it gets popular and the number of its users start increasing it will be a great utilization.

Business is no easy job and if you get something like it surely helps you and guides you effectively.

Software Product Managers provides software product managers with an actionable insights through in-app messaging. The fine line between product managers and rest of the team gets clear by using this kind of approach. To the end users, an in-app contextual help can be provisioned. This is a timely behaviour which is desired by all software product managers.

To us it is one of the SaaS evolutionary approach to provisioning an in-app service for product growth.

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