Reality television is a type of programming that is based on unscripted real-life situations. It mostly consists of the unknown cast but sometimes it is featuring celebrities too. It shows drama, personal conflicts and also provides its viewers with entertainment. The first ever reality show was on-aired in 1991 and was named as ‘’Number 28’’. After its popularity, a number of other reality shows started and are pretty much liked by the audience.

But the word ‘’reality’’ in these shows is still a question. Nobody can for sure say anything about it. It is being claimed that the situations in these shows are mostly created through some kind of script or it is done by the urging from the behind-the-scene crew. That’s why it is mostly known to feature ‘’script without paper’’. The team create all this drama just to seek the attention of the viewers and also to increase rating along with viewership. Also in many cases, shows have been convicted of using their editing skills and re-shooting of many situations for the same purpose.

Since reality shows cost less for their makers, many producers are always ready for investing in them without looking into the fact that they are supposed to be ‘’real’’. In many competition based shows like Big Brother and Survivor, the whole environment is fabricated one. Whether they are the scenarios or challenges or settings, every one of them is self-created by the team. Mark Burnett, the creator of the famous show ‘’survivor’’ accepted that.

Even some shows do not allow their participants to wear their own clothes or dress according to their own will. So they want camera-friendly clothing and appearances of participants that will be more entertaining to their viewers. Apart from the wardrobe, their living styles are also modified in such shows. Mostly reality shows focus only on the conflicts and the fights and show little of what is called as ‘’positivity’’.

The promises made to the participants are mere ‘’misleading premises’’. Most of the time the winners don’t get what they are promised as a reward. Adrianne Curry, a well-known model now, when won the ‘’America’s Next Top Model’’, she explained that she was not given enough for her work on the show. ‘’A Shot At Love with Tila Tequila’’ was another well-known reality show and despite the winner being promised to date the star, he claimed he was never given any chance nor he ever saw her again.

Also, many reality shows were reported to show content that was inappropriate. Many were considered to have a negative impact on cultural and political views of common people, whereas others were convicted of on airing the situations that were no way suitable for the children and youth. Because of these reasons, a few of them were banned too.

Many believe reality shows bring fame to undeserving people and thus they become celebrities. These shows are nothing but ‘’vulgarity’’ and ‘’materialism’’. A famous journalist, Tedd Koppel, once called these shows as ‘’the end of civilization”!