Deciding on which game console to buy is a very tricky task. There is so much competition in the market but if observed keenly it becomes quite evident that Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft are the brands who have earned their name. A number of choices are available for you to choose from but the decision depends on your level as a gamer. Are you the crazy type who can stick to the TV set for hours and forget about the world? Prefer spending an $100 extra to get the best console that satisfies you? Then this review is surely for you!

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

Since its debut in 2013, PS4 has made 155 million sales not only this, Sony has currently launched a more rigorous version in November named as PS4 Pro. It comes with a storage of 1TB, although looks bigger and heavier it’s capable of working even better and faster than its predecessors. Want more out of your Pro? Get a television that supports 4K and HDR, you ll get to see what the monster has been built up for. All the games that previously played smoothly on your PS4 will do the same on the Pro version that means your collection is not wasted. However, these games require an additional downloadable patch to see the performance specified in the Pro version otherwise the differences are not prominent. It supports a 2.5 inch external hard drive but lacks the option to play the 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray, however, it supports the standard Blu-Ray playback. If you are a vigorous gamer then this is definitely made for you.

Sony PS4 Slim

Same old personality with a different face. Yes, I am pointing to the new Slim version of PS4 launched back in 2013. It has the same specifications, processor and working capacity like original PS4, the advantage is it’s cheaper, sleeker and comes with one pre-installed game. PS4 Slim supports 2.5 inch external hard drives as well as supports external storages up to 6 TB. New to the gaming world? Want to test the waters before jumping in? Slim is the investment that will give you the taste of this fantasy with no added regrets.

Nintendo NES Classic Edition

Lover of the retro games? Here is a catch for you. In the past, many of the retro games were confined to specific Nintendo console models. So, if you change the console, you have to spend money every time you buy your favorite game for the new console. Yes, the surprise is almost here, the new NES classic comes with 30 pre-installed games for only $180.

Microsoft Xbox One S

Xbox One S is a refined version of Xbox One released in 2013 and compares better to the PS4. This upgraded version comes with added perks for the owners of 4K TVs and those who are looking for bundled gaming options. It’s 40% smaller than the predecessor but if you already own an Xbox One this is not the upgrade you desire rather save your money for the upcoming Project Scorpio going to be launched this year. If it’s your first time and you have no plans to spend on Project Scorpio then Xbox One S is a better choice.