When science fiction movies of the nineteenth century presented the concept of a world being ruled by robots, it was mostly thought of as a joke among the audience. The concept of artificial intelligence and robots making decisions on their own was never taken seriously. However, with the twentieth century, scientists have proved these people wrong by making such robots which are working in every field of life. This century could be truly depicted as “the era of rise of machines” due to an immense increase in a number of robots working. This may be good for precision and accuracy but has also created problems like fewer jobs for humans.

Robots are taking over every field of life due to their immense productivity and ability to learn new skills quickly. This has caused many people to lose their jobs and a feeling of resentment could be detected among common population. Industries have replaced human workers with robots owing to their better accuracy as compared to human workers as well as creativity to resolve issues. A clear example is that of Amazon which has replaced all of its workers with robots. These robots are able to access books or any other material ordered by clients faster than human workers, thus saving precious time and money for their clients. They have also started using drone services for making deliveries instead of FedEx so as to cut short the delivery time. There are some glitches in this system but Amazon is really hopeful for its drone delivery service. All of this seems very good for the company but what about its workers? Every year, more and more employees are being fired due to emergence of robotics technology.

Another factor of robotics technology which causes the employers to go for robots rather than human force is that they have amazing retention rates. Their performance is not affected by their surroundings or their personal life, rather they continue to give excellent performance. The employers do not have to deal with any personality clashes human workers may have and face less workplace issues by going for robots. True that this option may cost them more than any average human work force but it would also give them better efficiency for their work place. In this way, it could be said that all those jobs which involve the same activities daily could be performed in a much better way by robots.

Although some economists believe that this is entirely wrong for economy of a country and would cause disturbances in a society, there are others who believe that this trend would cause a young mind to think out of box and start a business. In this way, the trend of entrepreneurship would increase and would definitely be good for economy of a country. Till now, robots have not been able to think independently which gives an advantage to people going for jobs. Thus, it is the need of hour that human beings are given an edge over robot during job selections so that they are able to earn for themselves.

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