Smart home devices, these days are not only becoming popular but mainstream. They get connected to one’s internet and then they can be operated from anywhere anytime. The basic model of disruption is the same i.e. access and convenience as near to the consumer as possible. They are not only computers or smartphones but they include everything. it can be doorbells or curtains or cooking utensils. Sometimes we don’t use something but it is highly useful, these enablers will help us put these things to work as well. There are a number of devices now available in the market for this purpose and more are still in research.

One such popular invention is Amazon Alexa. It is an intelligent personal assistant made popular by Amazon Echo. This device is capable of performing a number of functions including voice interaction, setting alarms or providing any kind of information. And voice interaction, among them, is one of the most significant feature that is being offered. With every passing day, technology is taking control over this world. And using voice for controlling nearly everything in one’s life is no doubt a huge advancement in technology.


As we move in 2017, Alexa’s capabilities are growing even further and they are offering what one can even not imagine. But with it, many competitors have also set foot in this field. The strongest which Alexa has to face is Google Home. They consists of small speakers which possess some more advanced features though it hasn’t been able to completely take over Alexa yet they are working their best.

Another alternative is Apple’s HomeKit technology that allows a person to have control over devices using his or her iPhone only.  And this way they can prove to be a lot easier in their use and function and less expensive. This HomeKit uses Siri’s voice commands.

Cortana is another of such intelligent personal assistant that is created by Microsoft and is available on both PC and phones and is competing equally.

There are few more competitors but they are nowhere near to what Alexa can offer. Not only because they took time in setting foot in this field but also because Alexa is progressing every day. Now Alexa is offering 8000+ skills/Integration points which are just like apps to its users. And these skills are taking Alexa to a whole next level.

What more can a person want if she is able to order and track her pizza all the way, through voice! With Alexa integrations the same person will be able to do much more than this, a better way to other things as well.

It will be very interesting to see how all these personal assistants shake out. Right now, everyone is working their best to bring something that is both easy and complete for its users. Each player is working on its own home base: Siri on iPhone, Cortana on PC, Google on its hardware and Alexa on Echo. And every one of them is taking the competition into account and thus have geared up.

One thing is for sure and that is soon we will be witnessing this technology in the best way available to each and every person along with the most reasonable and affordable costs.

Because there is no limit to imagination and what can be achieved with imagination.

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