Mark Zuckerberg, a name so common among the teenagers, is the youngest billionaire on the planet. Among the masses, he is known to be the founder and CEO of the most popular site known as Facebook.

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg was born on May 14th, 1984 in the United States. At an early age, he developed an interest in programming. And was fully appreciated and supported by his parents. Thus, at the age of only 12, he was able to create “Zucknet” using Attari BASIC. This messenger was immediately installed at his father’s office and was successful. Even after attaining a degree in classics from the academy in New Hampshire, he was still interested in coding and software programs.

Many intelligent people enter Harvard but when Mark started attending it, he quickly gained popularity as software expert and soon created CourseMatch and FaceMatch. But, unfortunately, both programs were shut down by the university considering them inappropriate. Narendra, a student at Harvard, then contacted Mark for creating a project so all the students could connect with each other through the internet. It was initially named as ‘’Harvard Connection’’ and later on, it was changed to ‘’ConnectU’’. This gave Zuckerberg the idea which formed the basis of the what is now known as Facebook. There is also a controversy surrounding Harvard Connection as someone else’s idea that Zuckerberg stole and he is being criticized for using base code of Harvard Connection to start his own venture which is today’s Facebook. 

On February 4th, 2004, Mark Zuckerberg registered the domain name as Initially it was available only among the students at Harvard but later on, Facebook service was provided to the students at Columbia University, Stanford, and Yale.

And as facebook seek no boundaries, Mark needed investors and among the very early ones was The PayPal owner who invested $500,000 and after that Facebook started spreading very rapidly and Mark’s earning too. By 2005, ‘’Facebook Epidemic’’ started. The number of users reached to 5.5million and at that time Yahoo offered Mark $900 million for Facebook!

In 2013, its total income was $1.5 billion. And in 2015, the worth of this social site reached to a surprising figure of $15 billion and by then no one was there who was unaware of the name of the creator of this site.  

In October 2014, Mark took another step forward and purchased yet another common app used these days and that is Whatsapp for $22 billion.

TIME magazine in 2010 named Mark as ‘’The Person of the Year’’ who was already a billionaire at the age of 26 only. ‘’The Social Network’’ was another tribute paid to Mark, a movie made in 2010 filming his life. Forbes Magazine, in 2015, published the rating of 400 richest people in the United States and without any doubt, Mark was on the list and not only in the list but on the 7th place with a net worth of $40.3 billion.

Being a successful businessman, Mark is known to be a very humble person. He married in 2012 and is blessed with a daughter in 2015.

This couple, through their daughter’s initiative program, donated 99% of facebook shares worth $45 billion to promote human potential, equality, and world development.