Social media marketing, a term commonly used these days, which means “the use of social media platforms for the promotion of a product or any service”

Nowadays, social media has taken over everything like a storm including the publishing industry too. People would rather get online and read a book then go to a shop, or library, search for the required content, bring it home after paying mostly and then read it. Also previously, steps involved in publishing and releasing books were quite tiresome. The writers first obtained the rights, then launched the book, published it, distributed it to retailers and after that waited for the response of their readers.

But now all that has changed and the credit goes to the advancement in technology and the use of social media. According to a survey conducted in 2014, 80% of the business executives considered social media marketing as “the core of their business”. The authors all over the world have very much understood the fact and hence they are working well to incorporate social media in their publishing industry. So now “social media marketing” has been adopted widely for the purpose of promoting what one is writing.

The publishing industry owns a lot to social media marketing. Through social media marketing, the writers can easily release their books, promote them in every way possible, and most importantly can reach every corner of the world. They can make contacts and so can improve their earnings and profits. They are easily relieved of the whole job of publishing by simply releasing E-books. Also, the promotion part could cost a lot to the authors along with all the headache of how! But with social marketing, they could do this task in a much better and efficient way.

The readers also have gained a lot with this technology. They now have an easy access to whatever they need without much of a cost. Also, it provides them a way to have a reach to the related content without putting any effort. This platform has brought the people of the same “school of thought” closer. They can also directly talk with their favorite authors, compliment them, ask queries if they have any, even can ask them about the new releases. So the authors do not have to wait for the response of their readers for a long time. Also, they can understand what the readers “want” from them. And thus can write accordingly. And hence the readers can convey their thoughts easily.

Social media marketing, whether it is through Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Youtube or any other website or blog, has very much improved the publishing industry. With only a few drawbacks, it has opened new ways of making this industry more valuable for the public. The variety and an easy access can no way be matched along with so many benefits for the authors. Hence one can simply acknowledge the use of this advanced way of marketing over traditional ways.