On one evening in 2008, heavy snow was covering all Paris, two men needed to hail a cab. But unfortunately, they suffered a lot of difficulty due to bad weather. This incident gave these two men the idea of a taxi service that could be much easily hailed. These men were Travis Kalanick and Garett Camp who are the founders of the ‘’Uber Service’’.

This service is operated through an app on one’s smartphone. By using it one can request for a car for traveling to their destination. Though initially when it started it was limited to only a few places and people were not able to use it outside major areas in the city. But as the time passed, the service started growing and now it is connecting hundreds and thousands of cities and millions of places within cities.

One of the best things Uber provides is the quick and reliable service. It just needs an account on the app and then the user can easily hire the cab. Since the app uses GPS and mapping technology, the user has no issue of manually typing in or explaining it to the drivers about their current location or where they are headed to. It senses this automatically and connects the nearby drivers with the passengers thus making it a real quick service.

Another great advantage uber has provided is the mobile payments. This transaction convenience has resolved the problem of carrying cash or waiting for the change. The user connects its credit card with his account and thus can pay online. In 2012, Uber further modified this part and launched Card.io. This way one doesn’t have to manually enter his credit card information rather the app can sense it through one’s mobile camera when placed in front of it.

For every successful business, feedback from its customers means a lot and the same is the case with this service providers. The app allows the users to rate it after every trip that they had taken. This helps Uber to manage the quality of its drivers and also ensure they are meeting the standards. So, on the whole, it tries its best to make the whole experience a better one for their users and also giving them a chance to comment on it.

Nowadays, many other companies are turning their attention towards this very service and laying a competition for Uber. Among them are Lyft, Sidecar, and Flywheel. All these companies provide a common characteristic and that is to provide an alternative way of traveling instead of traditional taxi service. But even after these new entries, Uber remains a top priority among the passengers.

Uber is not a cab company only, it is a service that has provided a solution to the transportation headaches, which is both effective and efficient in a number of ways.

Uber’s success is noteworthy. It has now spread to over 26 countries and is still expanding its services. It seems there is no stop in sight for Uber.