Twitter is facing some tough time, their number of active users has to drop down and overall growth has slowed down. Twitter is just only limited to 140 characters since July 2006. From the last 8 years twitter the total number twitter users reached to 676 million, in which 114 million are monthly active users and 40% of the users lie in the category, who are just watching what other tweets.

Some researchers have shown that social consumers perceive Twitter as an important customer services tool. The survey of social support 2016 has shown that 27-37 people would prefer to use Twitter as customer services support.  Twitter is taken is considered as a feasible commerce platform for most of the companies.   Twitter is facing immense public perception problems. In 2015, Twitter reported that hackers had stolen more than 33 million passwords. Twitter user growth is cooling, according to statistics in the year 2015, Twitter active users are declined in the third quarter from 308 million to 306 million. The services of twitter doesn’t attract the new customers

Bloomberg reports that Snapchat outnumbers those using twitter because on daily basis 150 million users are using Snapchat and 140 million users are using Twitter. Snapchat attracts many social sites consumers, especially the young internet users because Snapchat offers their users to communicate intimately with one or many users instead of broadcasting messages. eMarketers forecast that by the end of the year 2020,  Snapchat number of users expected to swell to 86.5 million.

eMarketers forecast that Within the United States, the number of Snapchat users will leap to 28%, which means one in five people in the USA will be using SnapChat services. According to the statistics provided by the management of Snapchat, they have more than 110 million users worldwide, using their services by sending text messages, images and videos. Moreover, they generate 9 billion video views per day.

Pinterest has reached to a total number of 70 million users globally. Most importantly, more than 65% of the users are active on Pinterest because it helps them in making a buying decision. Women’s have shown great interest in using Pinterest services; according to the statistics more than 82% of its users are women, moreover, Pinterest offer a new way to e-commerce industry, 80% of the women is of the view that Pinterest provides reliable information. Twitter is flawless if we compare it with the services of Pinterest. Although Pinterest attracts new customers but still twitter has its own advantages. Millions of tweets are flying each day.

IT industry keeps on changing and experts are bringing more advancement within their processes to grab a large portion of the market. No doubt twitter is used by most of the social media customers but services offered by SnapChat and Pinterest can outnumber twitter in the future.