The power of Social Media:

Social media is a great tool for better and effective communication. People around the globe can connect and communicate through social media more effectively than other general ways. It is also a tremendous platform for many professional purposes like research, marketing, advertising and business related dealings. Many bloggers, business personnel, marketers, and advertisers prefer to use social media for better and more beneficial communication and dealing. It includes the usage of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and more. However, a lot of people still do not understand the full potential of marketing via Social Media.

Usage of Twitter to increase the website traffic:

As per the data gathered in early 2017, it has 328 million active users on monthly basis. An estimate gathered in 2016 showed that 83% of World Leaders use Twitter.

There are many effortless ways to boost up your promotion through Twitter. Some of them are displayed in the video given below:

Following are the top seven ways to market using Twitter:

7: Manage an attractive profile:

The first impression lasts long, and to make the impression delightful you need to build an attractive profile over Twitter. Use extraordinary and catchy bio for your profile. Include industry-centred keywords and links. Include the link to your website also so that your followers will be able to reach it.

6: Keep in mind the right criteria to follow others:

Twitter is a great place to engage with people, communities, brands, and companies. The rule of doing so is to keep in mind the right criteria of following other related people. Choose your followers wisely as no random people will make an effective traffic. Gather a list of keywords related to your product or website and then search people, brands, communities, and companies by using those keywords and then choose the related ones to follow.

5: Manage Influential Retweets:

A strong affiliation and powerful image of the Twitter profile are all you need to attract more followers. Once the followers’ list has increased and they have been attracted towards your profile they will consider a visit to your content and website also. To attract the followers you need to retweet powerful quotes, tweets of influential people regarding your related field. A positive, continuous and on time management of retweets will grab more followers.

4: Engage with followers spontaneously:

A continuous engagement is necessary for a better two-way communication. You have to keep tweeting interesting, beneficial, relative and attractive.  Content from your website needs to be updated regularly to attract your followers towards your website. If they find tweeted content helpful and beneficial, they will surely visit your website for more.

3: Use hashtag technique:

The hashtag is the best and effective way to create a common discussion ground for followers and to attract them towards your website. You can use hashtag campaigns, twitter chats and contests to provide the followers an opportunity of interaction. This way more audience will take interest in your website and brand.

2: Use sponsored promotion:

Sponsored promotion is the most convenient way to send traffic towards your website. A sponsored promotion over Twitter will increase your engagement with large audience related to your business or product.

1: Make your website shareable on Twitter:

Provide Twitter handle on your website and facilitate the visitors to share your website content directly on Twitter.

Twitter is a leading social media tool nowadays. It is an effective way to send huge traffic towards your desired website or to capture customers & clients for business. If used accurately, it can contribute very well to the promotion of your product, content or website.