Social media marketing, a term commonly used these days, which means “the use of social media platforms for the promotion of a product or any service” Nowadays, social media has taken over everything like a storm including the publishing industry too. People would rather get online and read a book then go to a shop, or library, search for the required content, bring it home after paying mostly and then read it. Also previously, steps involved in publishing and releasing books were quite tiresome. The writers first obtained the rights, then launched the book, published it, distributed it to retailers and after that waited forRead More →

Top most must have steps to write a modern day marketing plan

Marketing is a key part of a business plan. A good marketing plan is as vital as a business plan; unlike a business plan a marketing plan spells out all the tactics and tools to achieve sales goals or reach goals. It is plan of action – what you sell, who wants to buy the product and includes the tactics which are used to generate sales lead. A marketing plan consists of several parts and steps. Situational Analysis & Positioning The first section of a marketing plan is based on situation analysis, which defines company and its products and services. Situation analysis gives a succinctRead More →