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9 June, 2017

PART 2 – UX/UI Design and Product Life Cycle

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  From our previous discussion on UX and UI design (throwback https://tinyurl.com/yczsmo5z), you must have understood what these two terms entail, how they are different and how they define usability [...]

2 February, 2017

How Blockchains Cover Diverse Markets And Preserve Values

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Blockchain Bockchain is essentially a database. This database is distributed. It contains records called blocks. The organization of blocks in the blockchain database are ordered. Each block contains a timestamp. [...]

21 January, 2017

So what are Boxed, and Wide/Stretched website layouts?

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Website these days are really vibrant, bursting with technologies, and hustling in shimmer. Behind the scenes, these modern websites have layouts, which drive the technologies you put on top. The website design had a great revolutionary up-take when HTML5, and CSS3 came along.

12 January, 2017

Python Programming Language – A Deep Primer – Part 1

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Python is one of the great among the greatest of all the programming languages. It has an Object Oriented nature. It is interpretive. Highly informal in taste. And it is interactive to program. Python's syntax is simple, and elegant.

11 January, 2017

Cloud Computing Services – Unleashing the Integration Potential

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Cloud Computing - Kickstart Cloud computing is one of the richest, most intrusive, highly beneficial, and highly progressive technologies that we have seen so far. There is so much to [...]