What is a VPN?

A VPN or a Virtual Private Network is a way to add extra privacy and security to internet service. People mostly use it when they are connected to public networks and WiFi hotspots. The method is simple, the user simply attains an IP address from their VPN providers and connect to the internet through the secure gateway.

Following are some of the most secure VPN services to choose from:


IPVanish is credited as the world’s fastest VPN service. While there are many VPN services available to choose from, IPVanish offers much better service quality with affordable price. IPVanish service providers have more than 700 servers that are located at more than 60 locations with 40000+ IPs with multiple device support.


Express VPN offers its support to Bitcoins, which makes them reliable along with easy-to-use connection kill switch feature. Other than this the VPN service also provides really impressive protocol support PPTP. The company has over 15000 IP addresses, 1700 servers located at 145 different locations which are really an impressive number. Express also offers a 30 days money back guarantee.

Nord VPN

While NordVPN does not has a big number of IP addresses or servers but their performance stands out among its competitors. They have around 2000 IP addresses, 1087 servers which are located at around 61 locations. Nord offers the most generous simultaneous count of 6 whereas all other service providers offer 5 or less.

Gold Frog

Gold Frog VPN service stands out for its huge IP bank. The company has over 200,000 IP addresses with 700+ servers located at more than 70 locations. While the numbers are quite impressive, the company also offers some impressive features too. The company’s Chameleon connection protocol offers a high-performance with much other high range of protocols.


CyberGhost is a recommended VPN service if you are new to the world of VPNs. This VPN service offers unlimited bandwidth with encryption security very much similar to that of any other premium VPN. Setup of CyberGhost is also very much easy. The service is also famous for its high-speed streaming which is not available for most of the VPN services. This company has around 800+ global servers located at various locations with guaranteed security and encryption.


TunnelBear is another great VPN service provided by a Canadian based VPN service providers, which offers a user-friendly usage and a wide range of client software. Their main focus is on ease-of-use. TunnelBear offers its services in 20 different countries with privacy on the front and high performance.

Which one to get?

While these are some highlighted VPN services listed from a pool of many other VPN service providers, there are many more services like Hotspot VPN and HideMyAss which offer high-quality services too. The services vary in prices and quality, however, some offer a 30-day money-back guarantee too. There are also numerous VPN available for free but then choosing them means you are compromising on the security and privacy. Therefore it is advised to not to go after the free services rather buying your own IP would be a wise choice and would serve the purpose well.