Calibri is a font type designed by Luc(as) de Groot and distributed commercially in 2007 by Microsoft. It replaced Times New Roman as the default typeface font in Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 and onwards. Calibri is sans-serif typeface font and is also a part of the ClearType Font Collection. Lucas described Calibri as a font type having round corners with a warm and soft character design.

Design and Structure

Calibri makes open use of the sophisticated OpenType formatting. Its typeface formatting includes characters from Latin, Latin extended Greek and Cyrillic scripts. Calibri’s characters have visible rounded stems and corners. The design of Calibri resembles much to de Groot’s other font designs and specifications to commercially famous The Sans.

One main issue with Calibri is that it has a visible homoglyph (identical characters in a font family). The lower case letter of ‘L’ and the upper case letter of ‘i’ are identical. This, however, is not an issue limited to Calibri only. Many other font families have this hieroglyphical issue.

Availability and Usage

The main idea behind Calibri was to make it more easy for the users to read on LCD monitors. Therefore, it was designed so that it works well with the Microsoft’s Clear Type text rendering system. The development of Calibri begins several years before the official release of Windows Vista, therefore, it was first released with the beta version of Vista.

In its beta version, it was named Longhorn and later became available for use with the beta 2 version of the same version of Microsoft Windows. Later it was released to general public on January 30, 2007, with the name of Calibri.

Font Issues and Variants

There are some features still in Calibri that are unsupported in Microsoft Office. Some of them are subscript glyphs, superscript glyphs, all caps and small caps spacing. However, these features are still accessible through some designing programs such as InDesign.

A version variant of the font Calibri was introduced in Windows 8, also added in the Windows 7 version, with the name of Calibri Light. This font became the default font for headings in Microsoft Powerpoint while it’s also the default font for Microsoft Office 2013 and onwards.

Other than Microsoft Office and Powerpoint, Calibri has been introduced in Microsoft Excel Viewer, Powerpoint Viewer, and Microsoft Compatibility Pack as well. The XML File Format Converter for Mac also has Calibri font family.

Issues and Cases

Microsoft Office is the most widely used program for documentation and similar purposes. Thus, this has caused several issues. Reports have been filed regarding documents claimed to be forged and illegal as it’s a default font in Microsoft Office. Recently an issue of falsified documents using Calibri font created media hype during the court trial of Panama Gate scandal in Pakistan. It was claimed that the documents provided by the defendant are forged as they were dated back in 2006 but the Calibri font was commercialized in 2007.