Capstone Project

Capstone project is a great way to demonstrate your learning and knowledge of the skills you gained throughout this series. You can either think of some project ideas of your own and start working on it or pick one from the suggested ideas below. These projects will help you polish your skills and would give you a broader exposure to the library/framework you choose.

Weather Application on React

You can build a weather forecasting application entirely using react. You can add ability for the user to check weather on daily basis. The user would select a day and the weather forecast would be shown based on his location. To get weather readings, you can use the Open Weather Map api. To make your app look more graphically attractive, you can add a vx graphics library to spice things up.

To-Do Application on React Native

This is not that difficult. If you know to work things around using JavaScript like data add, update, delete and read. You can easily create a React Native based application to create a list in which user adds the tasks he wants to do later. You can add a button on top with a text field below. The user can write a task and on clicking that button the task should be added into the list in alphabetic order.

Sound Machine on Electron

Once you get your hands on the Electron.js. You can start developing applications real quick. The applications are built for desktop but it won’t bother you much because most of it is JavaScript. In order to create a Sound Machine based on Electron, you would need to create multiple rows and columns giving it a grid like structure. Then in these cells, you can put up icons. On pressing these icons a specific sound would play i.e. on pressing ‘Horse’ icon, a horse sound would play.

Game of Life on Jquery

This would be the easiest of the suggestions so far given. So it’s basically a zero player game devised by John Conway. Therefore it is also known as Conway’s Game of Life. The user just have to observe how life evolves from just one input. Here you can create a pixel which evolves to many other pixels. If you have confusing regarding the game, you can read it here: Game of Life.

So here comes the end of this long run series based on Javascript and it’s libraries and frameworks. Hoping that you would have learned from it I’ll end this amazing series which has been a learning experience for me as well. Good Luck for your future, have fun scripting.