Angular Taking web applications to the new level, we’ll push ourselves into a very powerful front-end framework that is AngularJS. Google introduced Angular 7 years ago and since then it has been used in more than a million projects. It’s also a part of the MEAN stack framework. Working and its Pros It mainly works by adding some additional attributes to the HTML elements. The Angular interpreter then reads these elements. One main advantage of this is that it separates application logic from DOM manipulation so the more complex the code structure is, the more difficult is to understand it. Another advantage angular brings isRead More →

No matter how much you study or read on starting your own business and to become a successful entrepreneur, nothing can beat the visual guide to support you in this endeavor. Recent years were filled with reality TV shows that make you smarter about the business and bring out the entrepreneur in you. This reading is about the popular television series on entrepreneurship that every young and old entrepreneur must watch. 1. Dragon’s Den Let’s start with Dragon’s Den (2005) which is UK based reality TV show where entrepreneurs are looking for funding for their already operational businesses and presenting ideas to a panel ofRead More →