Virtual Reality – From fiction to buzz to reality

VR is definitely already the big thing in the current times. Many companies have already started investing in this roaring field of virtual reality. To manufacture products which could give the user the most accurate VR experience and to make it affordable and budget-friendly as much as they can is their topmost priority. The two tech giants Facebook and HTC have bought its fans some options.

Facebook recently launched their VR product Oculus Rift through their subsidiary Oculus which they acquired a while ago. While, HTC along with Valve corporation launched Vive, A VR headset. Both of these products are much better to have if you want to experience some real-time 3D VR as compared to any other product in the market. Let’s break it down feature by feature regarding what these products have to offer.

Display & Graphics

Both Rift and Vive offer a great HD 1200×1080 OLED Display which means the clarity is great and the user won’t find any resolution difference. But much of the graphics depends on the graphics card and CPU that the user is using. The HTC Vive is a bit sharper as compared to the Oculus Rift though. Vive gets a +1 in this area.

Weight & Comfort

Both of these products are comfortable enough to wear for hours but the Vive, however, is a bit heavier than the rift. The Vive also has some additional cables that make the wearer feel a bulk on the face and could strain him as well if used for a long time. The Oculus Rift, therefore, gets a perfect +1 in this area.

Choice & Selection

The selection panel for games is almost the same for both the products but there are visible more games available for Vive as compared to Rift at the moment but once the new controller lands, which are about to in near future, would definitely give it a huge boost. Therefore both the products get +1 in this area.

Price and Affordability

HTC Vive costs around $799 while the Oculus Rift costs around $599 with a visible difference of $200. If we look at what we have analyzed so far then the performance and offering of both the products are almost the same. Therefore it would be a wise choice to go for the Oculus Rift which also wins this comparison with 3-2 as it gets a +1 in this area too. It is therefore recommended to go for the Oculus Rift and get yourself started in the world of VR. Let us know what do you think which one would you go for?