The airplane is one of the most convenient and fastest mode of traveling nowadays. The billionaires’ club can’t travel by the rest of the world for which they have started a more privileged air travel experience. Personal jet is the term used for the privately owned customized and luxury airplanes which are no less than a flying mansion. From business class to famous celebrities, all the rich riches of the world prefer to travel in their private jets which are highly personalized. These aircraft cannot be unseen for the deluxe facilities they provide. Here is a brief description of the five most expensive and lavish privately owned airplanes.

Airbus A380 Custom

The most expensive private jet in the world is Airbus A380 Custom which costs around US $500 million. It feels like a grand mansion with a two-car garage, a master bed, multiple guest rooms with attached bathrooms and a health club. The structure is designed as a double-decker aircraft which is by far the most huge commercial flying airplane. It belonged to Saudi billionaire Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal whose net worth is estimated to be $20 billion and ranked as 26th richest person in the world by Forbes magazine. He is the owner of “Kingdom Holding Company” which is involved in multiple businesses like real estate, media house, hotel chains, financial advising companies, etc. So the aircraft perfectly suits his status.

Airbus A340-300 Custom

The second most expensive yet huge airplane belongs to Russia and it costs between the US $350- $500 million according to the customized model. It belongs to the Uzbek-born- Russian business tycoon Alisher Usmanov. The model selected by him is the premium model costing him US $600 millions. However, its actual value without custom addition is $238million. It can accommodate up to 370 passengers for a maximum journey of 9000 miles in one go.

Boeing 747-81 VIP

Boeing 747-81 VIP is a customized lavish airplane named as “Dreamliner” was designed by Greenpoint Technologies. It is huge in size and space which includes offices and formal dining areas. This aircraft has been chosen for the US President’s new Air Force One. It costs around US $367 million.

Boeing 767-33 A/ER

Owned by another Russian billionaire businessman Roman Abramovich, Boeing 767-33 A/ER is estimated to cost $199.3 million. Roman Abramovich is the owner of one of the biggest investment companies in Russia and a famous football club, Chelsea. The private jet is one of the largest private jets which has a radar jamming system and missile warning system of its own. It has a formal dining hall which can comfort 30 people.

Boeing 747-430

This private jet costs around the US $100 million which is further added for the customization. After refurbishment, its estimated cost is US $220 million. This jet is in private use of Sultan of Brunei. The royalty can be seen from the interior of this plane which is enriched with real gold in finishing and gold sinks in bathrooms.