Scalability is one of the most important aspects of, at least any modern, application. The good thing about the last two decades is the cloud computing’s enablement for ease in the provisioning of scalability. Companies like Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft now provide a seamless interface for small to mega companies. The terms of scalability are so now representative of the futuristic culture that some of the big companies call themselves scale-ups in relation to start-ups.


Scalability comes in different types. Many aspects of scalability are highly dependent on the needs of the organization. Nowadays, needs are highly deferential. Traffic patterns are diverse. Scalability works even much better when you understanding the traffic for which you are providing the solution for. Scalability comes in two different flavours based on the needs.  One is the verticle scalability and the other is horizontal scalability.

Few types

Vertical scalability is when you add resources to the same node. Horizontal scalability is when you add more nodes to your infrastructure, where each has the capability for vertical scalability. When it comes to horizontal scalability, it becomes a bit more complex.  One of the aspects of the complexity is the many facets of distributed computing. The other aspect is the concrete and abstract notions of scalability. Concrete in the sense when you are adding specific nodes to the infrastructure. And abstract in the sense that when you use different forms of solutions to not only manage the scalability itself but providing further scalability e.g. SDNs coupled with truly scalable infrastructure.

Notions and catch up

You might have heard a phrase from Facebook about the innovation and enablement “move fast and break things”. Also, this phrase is sexy, but it lacks the notion of stability. It is so important a concept that stability in the scalability should be among top three priorities of any modern organization. So for better (although a bit less sexy), Facebook recently changed the moto to “Move Fast, with Stable Infrastructure”.

World’s leading companies no matter whether they are tech firms or NOT, they rely on scalability. Scalability is so pivotal to any kind of organization that any firm which is ‘non-tech’ actually calls them a Tech company. So now phrases like ‘We are a Search Company’ are now ‘We are a Tech Company’. Or ‘We are not a taxi company’, we are actually ‘a Tech Company’. And this is good. The specialism in scalability creates a culture of innovation which leads organizations to siloed services to richer and richer scalable businesses.