Amount of data for organisations is increasing day by day. Organisations are trying to implement new ways to represent complex data in an easier way. To provide the best user experience with fewer bugs and errors, organisations are turning to different modern data representation libraries. As far as representation is concerned, developers are focusing more on front-end development of their websites. This includes mostly the graphical and visual representation of data with the help of JavaScript. As we know how powerful JavaScript has become, one of the reasons is its flexibility towards libraries. A wide range of interesting libraries is available on the internet to choose from. Following are some of the most interesting modern visualisation libraries.


iScroll is a javascript library that is used for easy implementation of scrolling feature on your pages. Available for free on Github and their website, It is mostly used in iOS applications but can be implemented on Android applications and web applications as well. It offers cool effects such as pinch zoom, snaps, infinite scrolling, 2D scrolling and parallax effect as well.


Slick.js is a JavaScript library that is used to implement slide and carousel effects on your applications. It is very easy to use and available for free on their website. Slick offers interesting slide effects that include slider synching, filtered sliding, adding and removing content from the slide, slide with fade, autoplay, lazy loading and much more. The user can also customize the slider according to their desires by tweaking with the parameters provided with its documentation.


Chartist.js provide easy implementation of charts into your web, mobile and iOS applications. Charts generated by this library are complete mobile responsive and also pixel independent. The charts are also in the SVG format that makes them compatible for future use also. The charts are also customizable through SaSS and also built using the same language. Charts also have a really nice animation to make it look more interesting and live.


D3.js is a JavaScript library to visualise data in modern browser frameworks. It makes use of HTML, CSS and SVG graphics which bring out the best modern browser capabilities. To explain it in a more nerdy way, It binds the arbitrary data into the HTML DOM. The user can bind data from an array into a good visual graph that too in SVG format. D3.js is available for free and can be downloaded from their website.


A JavaScript library dedicated purely to graph drawings. Sigma.js makes it easy to represent networks on web pages. The user can easily integrate complex networks into rich web applications easily. Simply using a JSON encoded graph file into an HTML. You can easily load and display graphs and Bind callbacks to events. The source code is available for free on their website for this library too.


Including these, there are many other creative and easy-to-use libraries available and almost all of them are compatible with the new web technologies. JavaScript surely has made it easy to visualize data, however, the developer needs to have a good grasp on the language to understand multiple libraries, and to make them work perfectly.