Introduction Personalisation has been the norm lately but to personalise in such a manner that the user feels autonomous is highly difficult to do. Stitch brings the service directly to our homes. We always needed a service which can adapt to individual lifestyles of every man and woman. As our needs change so does our styles, tastes, perspectives, and outlooks. Stitch fix has managed to grab this methodology and provided us with an affordable service. In this spotlight, we will be discussing what Stitch fix actually do and how it does it. Search for Right kind of Clothing To help find people the right kind ofRead More →

What is 3D Printing? Additive Manufacturing or 3D Printing is a process to manufacture objects in three-dimensions. The term was first coined back in the 2010s. The manufacturers then started referring this 3D printing term with the industrial manufacturing. Some of the most general principles included in 3D printing are Modeling, using any computer-aided designing tool, Printing, the main part of the process, and Finishing. How does it actually Work? The computer controls the process of manufacture. The designer develops a 3D Model data first, in a 3D modeler or any similar electronic data source such as Additive Manufacturing File. The 3D printer then readsRead More →