An independent company named Oculus started a campaign to raise funds for the development of their product “Rift”. This campaign turned out to be successful thus accumulating around USD $2.5 Million. Soon after this happened, Facebook developed interests in purchasing Oculus and bought it in 2014 for $2 Million.


Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset developed by Oculus VR. It normally works with your desktop or laptop device where the user wears it just like goggles. It uses the concept of Virtual Reality which involves the depiction of graphics with a view of real world interface. Various pre-production models for Oculus Rift were introduced before its official launch. Since its fundraising campaign, around five models have been demonstrated to the public. Two of which were shipped to the backers namely DK1 and DK2 were shipped to backers.


The current version of Oculus Rift comes with a display that introduces 110° fields of view, 90 Hz refresh rate with 1080×1200 resolution and an amazing Pentile OLED display. The device offers 3D audio effect in its positional and rotational tracking with integrated headphones. It also uses IR LED lights using a USB stationary infrared sensor to perform “Constellation”.  This is known as the positional tracking system and is integrated into the head-mounted display. The sensor creates a 3D space giving the user an amazing experience of walking, standing, running, sitting and other similar motions all while sitting in the same room.

Hardware and System Requirements

Oculus Rift has OLED panels at each eye while uses a wide field of view. The Oculus Constellation sensor is a hardware that is placed in front of the user and it looks like a lamp. It tracks the position of the user’s head and other VR devices as well. The Oculus controllers, Oculus Touch or the motion controllers that come in a pair for both hands, these are then worn by the user on each hand giving him control over the joysticks, two triggers, and buttons. The Oculus touch controllers also detect the gestures made by the user using finger detecting gestures. Current systems requirements for this device are Intel Core i3, 16GB ram, NVIDIA GTX 960 or an AMD FX 4350 dedicated graphics card with HDMI and USB 3.0 ports are recommended for proper use of Oculus Rift.

Applications and Pricing

Oculus Rift can be used for various purposes, however, the main purpose users buy this device is for gaming. Oculus itself has stated that the device should be used for gaming purpose mainly. Other than gaming, it can be used for media such as watching movies in a 3D cinematic experience. It can also be used to watch 360° images, videos and VR.
Industrialists and marketers also use Rift for the purpose of advertising, demonstration of projects productivity enhancement and visualising. A number of social applications are also under development like some introduced in the past e.g. Altspace VR in 2015 and High Fidelity in 2013. Oculus Rift is available in discounted limited time offer for $399 on its website.


Virtual Reality is no more a buzzword now. It is getting mainstream, and there is huge fleet of companies joining in by putting forward brave innovative projects. Venture Capitalist firms and the Angel Investors alike are now focusing more on this technology. So if you are a tech genius then it is not a bad idea to explore this budding market.