What is a Self-Driving Vehicle?

The self-driving vehicle is a concept that has gained popularity over the time. Many companies have already started working on this concept and have released some test versions too. Some notable examples are Google’s Self-driving cars to Uber’s Autonomous cars, however, this concept is not limited to Cars only. Otto, the company’s short name for Ottomon LLC, is an Uber’s subsidiary company established in 2016. It aims to bring the autonomous driving feature to long-haul vehicles like Trucks.

So how does this Self-driving Technology Works?

The main goal in this is to give a vehicle the ability to navigate and work without a human gesture input. Therefore technology as to be super advanced in this sense. This means that the vehicle needs to detect and keep itself updated with the current situation of the environment and make decisions based on that. A number of techniques are used to achieve this i.e. Computer Vision, Odometry, GPS, LaserLight, Radar Cameras etc. The main objectives are to increase mobility, safety, reduce crime and increase customer satisfaction.

Facts and Reasons

The company Otto, has engineers and workers from companies like Google, Tesla, Apple, Logitech, Uber etc. therefore they focus not on developing their own trucks with these self-driving abilities but to create such kits which can give them these abilities when the kits are installed in them. This means the cost to turn most of the trucks into robot trucks would be less compared to the cost of producing trucks from scratch.

One of the main reasons to make trucks autonomous was to reduce the number of fatalities as 9.5% of highway fatalities are due to trucks. Therefore it is the main priority of the company to make it more secure. This would also help in making it more time-accurate to deliver goods from places to places, thus the delivery would be on time.

There is this huge possibility to kill off millions of driver jobs that companies provide to people mostly from the middle class. This, however, can be avoided by having a driver too partially driving the vehicle as the technology would not work properly in trickier places. This would give the driver time to rest and reduce delivery time too.


Self-driving trucks are not going to be everywhere anytime sooner. But this indeed is a good step to increase highway security as it makes a lot of sense to implement it in trucks than in cars as trucks move in one lane on the highway and there is no fancy moving. It would thus be good to have this technology in Trucks. It is worth mentioning that Otto’s truck also completed it first successful test delivery.