Who doesn’t want to look good? Who doesn’t want to have defined features? Cosmetic surgery is providing people with what they don’t have naturally. It shows cultural dynamics of different communities considering beauty and appearance. Cosmetic surgery has become so standardized that everyone is talking about it. People, instead of asking ‘where did you get your designer shoes?’, might ask from which doctor you got your lips and nose job done? You might have seen that meme going around social media stating,  “ You ain’t ugly, you’re just poor.” This is the irony of the world, people are termed ‘beautiful’ after they’ve gone under the knife. People believe outward appearance affects  their social mobility, glamor, and association with novelty.

Common Risk Faced by Cosmo Surgeries:

Even though cosmetic surgery makes you look good, it comes with many negative effects, risks, emotional effects, and costs. Here we discuss some risks related to cosmetic surgery:
1. Complications caused by Anesthesia
Anesthesia is a drug used to numb patients’ senses towards pain. It makes patient unresponsive and unconscious, sometimes leading to complications. These complications include stroke, lung infection, heart attack and death. Most common risks caused by anesthesia include waking up confused, shivering or unstable. A less common risk is waking up in the middle of the surgery.
2. Blood loss
During any surgery, blood loss is expected. There may be uncontrolled blood loss which can lower the blood pressure and might cause death. This may happen on the operating table or internally. This depends on the kind of surgery you are going through.
3. Scarring
If you are going under the knife, it would result in scarring. You opt for cosmetic surgery to improve the way you look, but these scars may create more trouble for you. On an average, 2-5 percent of breast augmentation procedures suffer though hypertrophic scarring.
4. Nerve damage
Nerve damage is the most common risk following different type of surgeries. Sensations like tingling or numbness can be the common sign of nerve damage. Women going through breast implants sometimes suffer from losing their nipple sensations.
5. Haematoma
A hematoma is the solid swelling of clotted blood. It is the most common complication occurring after facelift surgery or breast augmentation. A hematoma is a risk occurring in fairly all surgeries and it’s treatment include additional surgeries to drain off the blood.
6. Infection
All types of cosmetic surgeries may cause infections. It can be internal and severe. It may require IV antibiotics. However, the whole process is under high scrutiny to reduce the risk of any infection.
7. Appearance Dissatisfaction
It is not necessary for things to go your way while you go under the knife. A lot of people are disappointed by the results of their surgeries. This leads to having more surgeries, costing more than you expected.

Beauty is not defined by the curves or features one has. Beauty is in the confidence you have,  by being comfortable in your own skin and accepting yourself unconditionally.