SoundCloud is an online social music streaming web service. Users can register on this website, upload soundtracks and clips. It also enables users to promote, comment, share and record their own content. The website is developed in Ruby language. It was launched in 2008 by Swedish artist Wahlfross and designer Ljung. The website ranks at 107 on Alexa, whereas, it has 40 million registered and 175 million unregistered users.


SoundCloud’s main feature is to allow the artists to upload their own music with a dedicated unique URL and features to embed it anywhere. Users can also share the content on various social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Registered users can upload sound clips of up to 180 minutes.  The waveform graphical representation is one of the main features of SoundCloud. The music play seek is represented in graphical waveforms. Listeners can also comment on specific moments of the track.


SoundCloud supports a wide range of formats. It, however, transcodes the clips uploaded on the website into mp3 format for streaming purpose. Some of the most famous formats currently supported by the site are WMA, AMR, AAC, OGG, ALAC, AIFF and much more. The SoundCloud API is also available for the users to use SoundCloud services on mobile devices and applications. Various applications like Logic Pro and GarageBand use integrated SoundCloud APIs. Users can also download tracks and clips from Soundcloud if they have proper permissions to do so.

SoundCloud also offers premium services to its users. The SoundCloud Pro service gives additional luxuries to its registered artists like enhanced monitoring analytics, freedom to enable or disable comments and uploads of up to 6 hours. Similar service SoundCloud Pro Unlimited has same features with unlimited uploads.

Another service called SoundCloud Go offers its subscribers offline playback feature with ad-free experience. The service introducers also stated that this service would provide genuine licensed music straight from the major music companies. The pricing for this subscription is around $5 to $10.


Underground and emerging artists are using SoundCloud to promote their content. So, if you are an artist and looking for some audience to get yourself recognized, SoundCloud might be the best option for you. It is absolutely free and with just a little promotion, you can get yourself famous.

It also helps in reducing piracy. With SoundCloud’s Hype Machine, bloggers and website owners can easily embed your content with a dedicated player on their sites just like YouTube.

If you are a music lover, SoundCloud can help you discover diverse music from across the globe as the locals of different countries upload content themselves. This diversity of music is thus not available anywhere else therefore if you are into music and love to discover new things then SoundCloud might be the best choice for you!

With this, you are not only discovering new music but helping unheard artists to grow and share their good content.