Do you ever buy or prepare food according to your appetite? This is usually not the case. Most of us buy a large amount of food without considering our needs. Thus the excess food; the raw vegetables or fruit we buy, go to waste because we usually don’t utilize them before they go stale. Food waste is a growing problem in this century, yet a lot of people around us sleep starved. When you don’t utilize the resources you get in the proper place at a proper time, you don’t do justice to that resource. We love food yet we don’t do justice to it. When you are left with leftover food, you just throw it in the dustbin without giving an extra thought to it. That’s what we all do daily. You may gather it, do a little effort, search for the poor around the corner of your street and enable him to sleep with his stomach full for once. This is a small effort we all can make at our end.

Reducing Food Waste Problem:

Food waste problems can be solved by rectifying the root cause of it in our societies. Some easy steps to eradicate food waste are as follows:

1. Reducing serving sizes: Huge portion sizes at buffets or restaurants is one the biggest cause of food waste. This trend of large servings needs to be ruled out as it is the major source of food waste.

2. Expiry date labels: The ‘best before’, ‘use by’ date labels can lead people to throw their food even though it is still good to eat. These dates have resulted in confusion for the consumers. These dates are supposed to be there for the retailers, and not the consumer; they cannot store the respective product in their store by those dates.

3. Awareness: There’s a need to provide awareness about food waste in our communities and how it is affecting the world adversely. The awareness campaign must provide ways to avoid food waste for the local public.


Employing technology to overcome Food Waste Problem:

While there are people officially working for the eradication of food waste problem, some of the new innovations dedicated to this cause are:
Zera Food Recycler:
This device is designed for use in the kitchen. It fits into the kitchen as a freestanding appliance. The Zera Food Recycler reduces food waste by two-thirds of its actual volume by a fully automated process. You just have to scrap your plate or pan into its opening. It will turn the waste into ready-to-use fertilizer within the next 24 hours. The end product is dropped into the tray at the bottom, you can now spread it on your garden, your backyard, lawn, and outdoor plants. Instead of sending food to the landfill you can use it in your land.

Smart Fridge:
The Waste Less, Save More project has high aims. It plans to reduce food waste by 50% and let consumers save their money. They worked and introduced 20 smart fridges. These fridges feature built-in cameras which are accessible by a smartphone app. This way customers will be able to check their inventory anytime, it helps them to avoid over-buying. This app even lets you zoom in to check the expiry dates.
Last Minute Sotto Casa:
‘Last Minute Nearby’ is a startup from Italy. It uses an app to combat food waste. It has a simple mechanism i.e, it asks the user to sign up, registers itself, and receives the required alerts when nearby stores are about to close but still have fresh unsold grocery items. Users can then buy them for up to 50% off or so. This app has helped to reduce food waste by approximately 3 tons a month.

Think of all the derived ones before you sit down to eat the next time. We need to act more humane than we usually do. This problem needs individual attention for its eradication.