What is WordPress?

WordPress is a revolutionary management website which has been made in order to provide a platform to its users for launching websites. Formed in May 2013, this site has quickly risen to fame due to its easy to use interface and free registration. Today, more than 74.6 million websites have been formed with the help of this website and about 40%of the new blogs released are present on WordPress. In this article, we look into the history of this famous site since its creation.



The idea of creating such a site was initiated by Mike and Michael who managed a blogging site together. The first version was just launched as a PHP based test blogging website. Initially, both of them blogged on this platform regularly. However, after some time, Michael disappeared which gave a chance to Mike develop this amazing management website for its users. Since Michael stopped giving attention to the blog and uploading pictures on it, Mike gave an idea to the team that site needs to be updated. The most amazing power of this platform was its free and easy subscription with good search engine optimization. In this time period, the power of this platform was not realized as it has been done now. Both initial versions were launched in this time.


In this era, version 2.0 of this website was launched.  It was only this version which made customizing this website so easy for its users. Various themes were launched for its users so that they could use them for launching their respective sites. Some new developments were made in 2005 so that users find it really easy to download and use this platform. Although there were some other platforms for website launch, however, this was the easiest platform for its users so its popularity rose to skies. Due to its immense success, this site soon had offers from many financiers.


In this era, many new versions were launched. The Plugin directory, as well as theme directory launched by WordPress, added to its fame. This website was redesigned so as to include more parameters such as sticky comments and installations. By the end of this era, WordPress had managed to gain the attention of the majority of internet users all over the world. However, the major problem was the market share of this website.

2010 onwards

Ever since 2010, this website has come forward as a mature platform for beginners who want to establish their websites. WordPress foundation has been formed by its founders in order to keep this website online. Today, there are more than 40 translations of WordPress. Today, if anyone wants to start a new website, there is more than 50% chance that it would be done with the help of WordPress owing to its ease of use. The number of visitors to this website in a month are much more than those visiting Amazon. This clearly shows that WordPress has managed to dominate the market share through its innovative approach.