Writing impressive articles concerning technology is an arduous task, however, with practice you learn to write better. The key to writing impactful articles is consistency. With the ever-changing nature of technology, interests of people are also changing and it becomes quite challenging to stand out of the crowd. If you are planning to make your mark, you should put an effort in understanding your audience, determining their interests. The content written by you should be impactful, timely and amusing all at the same time. In this article, I shall walk you through a few steps that form the foundation of impressive writing.

Determining the Purpose

It is important to determine the purpose behind writing; if you are writing as a hobby you are free to write about any topic that interests you or on which you are gaining further information. If earning a professional status is your aim, then the articles written by you should be well-researched, meaningful and in demand.

Keeping it Simple

Gathering an audience to read your article is a challenging task and requires that whatever you write is simple. Go easy with the topic, try to explain things as if you were talking to someone face to face and not merely impressing them with the facts. During the entire article, the most important thing is the way you connect with people. It should not be overly professional such that it bores people and drags them away neither should it be casual enough to make the reader offended. A slight balance has to be maintained.

Catchy Titles

Once you have decided what to write about, deciding the title for it is a game changer. Title of your article is what wins you a traffic of readers. Avoid going for generic topics or topics which have a broader focus instead go for specifics and attract people. This would also get your article to shine through SEO.

Article Introduction

Among the few things that make your article impressive is the intro you write about it. Article introduction should be catchy and informative rather than a filler content forcing the reader to lose interest.

Mentioning Source of Information

Well written articles always have their sources defined. It might create an impression that you are letting people know about your source of information, instead look towards it as a way of authenticating and further supporting your notion. Articles presented with link to sources are liked by reader; not only they provide information regarding the topic under discussion they might help the reader to learn a thing or two from the sources that are provided.

Organizing the Article

Organization of the article is one of the other factors, that get the job done for you. Providing the information that is desired, first, makes your article readable and likeable. The headings mentioned above the content should contain the essence of the entire paragraph. They should be written such that the reader gets the idea about the upcoming paragraph from the heading.

Keep these few things in mind while writing an article, combined with your experience and consistency, they will help you stand out.